President's Message

Dr. G.S. Arya

President Message

I believe my role as President is to guide and nurture the next generation to establish skills to achieve, health, respect, prosperity, name & fame, wealth and personality. I use all tools available to inspire staff, students and community to work together to promote their achievement for their well being. To be innovative and creative is important for me as I enjoy being inspired and motivated by people around me With the unending hard work and diligence of my team, I'm extremely proud and honored to provide the latest education with the best possible resources and infrastructure at this premiere institution.

I believe that every student is unique and whole-heartedly devoted to bring out and polish that uniqueness. I'm focused to use the present tools to shape the school knowledge to compliment the changing learning patterns and methods of teaching. My teachers built classroom's climate where problems of students are welcomed, student's involvement is norm, questioning is high and students gain reputation as effective learners. I strongly believe that each student has his or her choice of performing according to their interest and we are here to support their dreams in any aspect. I'm an advocate of innovation and sustainability and doing the best possible to groom my students to shape the country's future. I believe that education is not only the means of livelihood and wealth but, also, a path to inculcate kindness, generosity, confidence, rationality, respect and social responsibility in the heart of young generation. I'm working consistently to substantiate this by grooming my students and brightening up their personality to help them gain achieve everything they desire in the course of life I assure everyone who ever is engaged with Nidhi Public School, that, the school will never fail to impart quality education to the next generation and the future of our country.