Who We Are

Jaypee Public School is a English Medium co-eduxational school Following the norms of NCERT institution, It is managed by JAM Udhar Sewa Samiti, a Society consisting of educationist and eminent personalities, It aims at the mental and physical development of each child, it is our commitment to turn out form the portals.

We aims well balanced at building personalities with an amalgamation of the east and the west. The school intends to inject optimism in its students so that they learn and acquire the positive traits of where and any time in order to learn and cnraid their skills.

The school has highly qualified competent & experiened staff. At every teachers tech though various teaching aids.

Activities based programme like show and tell extempore, debates, quizzers etc are organize regular intravals teacher are motivative through seminar, workshop and in-dsevice training for effective teaching innovative Programme are organized thereby encouraging the student gain achievements to excellence
The School promotes proper understanding of concepts, problem solving techniques and art of critical thinking.

Jaypee Public School aims at developing the mental physical and spiritual potential of each child. ample opportunities and stimuli are provided for the physical, mental and spirittual growth

Education is the right of each every child, irrespective of caste and religion. Education survives and emerges where everthing else fails, it is a priceless gift of wisdom, gift more precious than any materialistic gain.jaypee public school welcome all the student's to harness their capabilities and potential not only in academic skills but also in life values skills.

The art of instruction is extremely suitable and delicate but a good school practices this art effortlessly Jaypee Public school harmoniously blends formal with informal information. In the endeavor the school is supported by outstanding infrastructure where the classes and laboratories are well equipped with abilities required.