Mission & Philosophy of J.P.S :

The Growing number of branches under this umbrella signifies the need to provide meaningful education, to large number of children, desirous of growing into educated & liberated human being has been fulfilled. We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standard of excellence & prepare generation for future J.P.S helps student to master the expanding horizons of technology & also vecome the repositioning of a deep commitment to india ethos & Culture in its pristine form.

Mission & Philosophy of J.P.S :

J.P.S has become significant portal of learning & growth for young mind. Our credo is to provide an all round development and a sound moral base fostering character building. ventilated classroom, well equipped science lad Research centers multipurposa hall and playground nurturing the inquisitive spirit of children Encouraging scientifie temperaments & strengthening social bonds are our constant endeavours. Surging ahead with a spirit of healthy career teamed with a contented life is the gift for all our children.

Our Core Facilities:

  • Permanent Recognised
  • Well qualified staff
  • English speaking environment
  • Ventilated and fully lighted rooms
  • Online homework
  • CCTV Cameras and Generator
  • Proper sitting plan Desk - Benches
  • SMS alert system to inform absentee
  • Smart classes ( By Projector )
  • Computer Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Concept based education
  • Special care for girl child
  • Activity room
  • Well discipline
  • Child centered Education
  • Learning by doing method in all classes. T.V.
  • Dedication to spiritualism as Hawan and Vedic programs.
  • Good habits and Personality development
  • Best quality housekeeping and cleanliness
  • Educational Picnics
  • Sports